Parents in the Community

Parents play an important role in our school. They help create and maintain the positive framework that accounts for the school atmosphere, the school culture and that enables free learning. We not only count on active help in this regard, but parents also provide for this framework at home – through a positive attitude toward the school, through an appreciative attitude toward the people at the school, and through placing trust in their children and their learning paths. A positive connection between the parents and the school and between the parents and the learning companions is an essential precondition for the children’s successful school experience.

In order to accompany the children competently together, it is important to develop a similar understanding of learning, self-organization, and nature connection. We want to bring the parents on board and further educate them in various areas such as successful communication, nature connection, and self-organized learning. For that, we are developing several modules geared toward parents that partially build on each other and that will be offered throughout the time the child attends the school. We have requested the involvement of experts in this regard (for example, from the Lernwerk Pankow).

During each school year, there will be two parent evenings, a personal meeting with the learning companions, and further conversations as needed. The children are of course welcome to participate in the personal meetings and conversations.

Throughout the year, there are various events, parties, and community days that are organized together with the parents in the form of working groups and often also with the children.

The parents are key to the success of the school and participate on multiple levels, for example, with respect to administrative tasks, offering afternoon programs in the form of workshops, and (after consultation) also in other ways. Parents take on tasks in various areas, for example in the form of working groups for obtaining financial and tangible means, landscaping and yard work, etc.).