School Building

Our school building is located in Pankow, close to the Berlin city limits, at Dietzgenstraße 49, 13156 Berlin, directly across from the Brosepark. A long-term lease agreement has already been signed. With a few remodeling measures, we will create a wonderful learning environment for our children here.

The building has a total of almost 700 square meters of usable space across 4 stories, big bright windows all around for lots of daylight, and a large basement. Previously, the building was used as commercial and residential space. The yard around the building offers space to play, relax, and learn. Together with the Brosepark across the way, there is already quite a bit of green space right here.

The school can be reached by public transportation (bus 107, tram M1), with stops almost in front of the door. We will also regularly use the bus to get out into nature, for example to Arkenberge, Blankenfelde or the Botanical Park.