Parents ask

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What does it cost to attend the Nature School at the Brosepark?

To ensure a high-quality implementation of the school pedagogy, we are dependent on financial support from the parents. The parents’ monthly financial contribution consists of the following:

  1. Tuition

    We charge a monthly tuition of currently €215. Lower income families may apply to have the monthly tuition reduced. Sibling discounts are available.

  2. Monthly contribution to after-school care (Hort)

    The Nature School at the Brosepark is designed as an all-day school.  This means that every child must have a spot in after-school care (Hort).  The monthly parental contribution to after-school care (Hort) is income-based and is assessed by the responsible youth welfare office (Jugendamt) according to the daycare cost sharing law (Tagesbetreuungskostenbeteiligungsgesetz).  An appendix to this law contains the current parental contribution amounts by income bracket.

How “free” and “independent” is the Nature School at the Brosepark?

  1. Our school is managed independently. This means that it is not under state or religious management. It is, however, under the oversight of the state.

  2. The school’s pedagogical concept foresees a teaching style that is socially integrative. The pedagogical team is responsible for creating the learning environment. Within that environment, the school promotes the children’s own responsibility for planning and working through new learning material.

  3. The learning companions and the children develop mutually agreed upon rules that apply to all.

  4. For further discussion of this point, we refer to the school’s pedagogical concept.

What type of parent participation is expected?

The Nature School at the Brosepark is the result of an initiative of dedicated people and will be actively shaped not only by the pedagogical and other staff and the school leadership committee but also by the parents.

During the founding phase, we are in need of every helping hand. Parents can help out in a variety of ways, for example in the areas interior set-up, landscaping, and fundraising.

After the completion of the founding phase, we expect families to contribute their time to the school for at least 4 hours per month. They can do this by, for example, organizing parties, organizing field trips, finding green learning spaces, preparing afternoon programs, helping with project weeks, building, arranging, cleaning, maintaining the yard, helping with public relations, and much more.

For a further discussion of the role of the parents in the community, we refer to the relevant section of our concept.